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"Showing others a new way to live"

A native of Marysville, Ohio, Daniel has first hand experience of the opioid epidemic that has plagued his generation. He started using heroin in his teens, and once it had a hold of him, he thought he would never see past 25. Clearly, God had other plans for him. 

After many attempts to get clean in both jail and treatment centers, he did something different. He went to sober living after being released from jail and starting working a 12 step program. Daniel is now edging close to 2 years of sobriety and has had a spiritual awakening as the result of his 12 step work. He has been called to help others discover freedom, and is working towards becoming a certified chemical dependency counselor. 

Daniel is a huge fan of music and concerts, he believes in the therapeutic value of music and writing. He has a passion for helping others and serves as a sponsor for other men in the 12 step program he works.