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"Touching hearts and changing minds!"

Jimmy has battled drug addiction for the past 18 years, but by God’s grace he has found a new way to live a sober, purpose-filled life, and is taking back what the enemy tried to steal. Jimmy is a product of The LIT Movement’s discipleship program and has moved from addiction, brokenness, and incarceration and towards a restored and re-purposed life.

Over the past year, Jimmy has overcome a great deal of pain, loss, and suffering and is now an iconic figure for what The LIT Movement is all about – hope, freedom, and a new way to do life. Our goal is to raise up disciples, so they in turn can do the same, and Jimmy is doing just that. His life has been dramatically transformed, and now, he can’t help but share his story with others so they can experience the same hope and freedom that he has.

Jimmy serves the team as an evangelist and brings light and transformation everywhere he goes. He also uses his contagious spirit to spread the hope of the movement as our social media coordinator. Jimmy is a proud father of his 12 year old son and has worked tirelessly to restore the time he has lost with his son.