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Community Outreach


Dollar difference - tyler schmidt

Tyler provides a brief testimony of his addiction journey; struggles, losing jobs, relationships, incarcerations, etc.. He found hope with Sober Living and God.

Church on Fire - harrison, oh

The "Living in Testimony" Team shares with the congregation how the LIT Movement will bring hope and healing to the community.

Pastor Daniel Hughes - Message of Hope & Love

If you're feeling hopeless and empty, and not believing in God, please know that God's been pursuing you for your entire life. When you accept God and get in His presence everything will start changing for the better.

LIT MOVEment provides a Sustainable solution!

You can't turn on the news, read the paper, or check social media without hearing about the devastating affects of the opioid crisis. Hopelessness and despair have paralyzed our culture; but, there's a way out.